Study Abroad Recommendation Letter (LOR) Sample, Example

Study Abroad Recommendation Letter: Recommendation Letter is one of the most important documents of your application whether you’re applying for an admission or a new job. We’ve already provided a letter of recommendation for a job, let’s talk about a letter of recommendation for studying abroad. The admission committee of most of the Universities abroad prefers a reference letter to have an overview of student’s personality, qualification, work experience etc. Having a recommendation from a strong recommender makes your profile stronger which eventually increases your chances of admission. Find the right recommender and then approach him/ her to write a reference letter.

The recommender must have a clear idea about your qualification, skills, project work, and instances that can be cited in the recommendation. It’s important to mention the instances in such a manner so that they add value to the letter of recommendation.

As a recommender, firstly you need to fully sure whether you want to write such a letter or not. If you don’t know student much enough or you cannot write a positive reference then politely say “No”. Study Abroad Letter of Recommendation (LOR) must have unique content, add unique anecdotes pertaining to a candidate’s qualification, and work experiences.

Study Abroad Recommendation Letter Sample

Have a look at the Study Abroad Recommendation Letter Sample below to see a format & layout.

Sample Letter:

I am writing this reference letter in support of {student name} who is applying to the {course name} at your esteemed University. I have known him for {mention months or years} and taught him the courses {mention courses} in the {mention semesters}. In my observation, he has always been a disciplined student with quick learning abilities.

Throughout his course of study, {student name} has shown great interest in learning {mention things related to the new study program}. We engaged in several conversations when he told me about the study abroad program, his eagerness and excitement were practically contagious.

I believe he will a great addition to your program. The reason why I chose to write this reference letter is that I would like to see him get the education from the best University like {University Name}. I hope that he is accepted, if you need any additional information then please feel free to contact me at {Email Address} or {Phone Number}.

Download Link:

Study Abroad Recommendation Letter in .doc (Editable)

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Why do Universities consider a letter of Recommendation?

Most of the Universities abroad prefer a recommendation letter from a strong recommender before offering admission. The admission committee considers reference letter due to the following reasons;

  • Verify the candidate’s qualification, experiences, credentials as mentioned in the application
  • To have an overview of a candidate’s personality from a person who knew him.
  • To grab any additional information
  • For the assessment of a candidate’s skills
  • For the assessment of a candidate’s academic sincerity, learning attitude, extracurricular activities etc.


A properly written recommendation letter from a good recommender actually increases your chances of securing an admission seat. Make your admission profile stronger with a reference letter document. It’s important to find a strong recommender and then ask him/ her to write.

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