Scholarship Recommendation Letter From the Employer-Sample,Example

A Scholarship Recommendation Letter from the Employer is a piece of writing by someone who, usually,  Professionally knows the person.It is written in order to appreciate the person for getting an opportunity.It contains the qualities of the person with the expertise of the person in a particular field.The recommendation letter should be written truthfully.

In a recommendation letter, you can praise and appreciate the applicant positively but it should not be exaggerated.Over-praising and too much appreciation can look fake and gives a negative impact on the reader of the letter.

Scholarship recommendation letter from the employer is written by the company in which the person is working.Scholarship Recommendation Letter from the employer tells about the specific qualities and expertise of the person in a field and it also tells that why the person is suitable to acquire the scholarship.

Below is given a format of Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship by the Employer:

Scholarship Recommendation Letter from the Employer

To Whom it may Concern

I have supervised ________________(Name of the Applicant) for 3 years while she worked as a __________________(Profession) at ________________(Company Name).I wish to recommend her for the ___________________(Scholarship Program Name) as I believed that this will help her pursue her/his dream of studying for a degree in____________________(Course Name).

_____________(Applicant’s name) is one of the most brilliant _____________(Title) at our organization.Recently, she/he reined in freeing the prisoned Bali dolphins through sheer wiil and her/his passion for nature conservation.I believe that if she/he has a higher degree in _______________(Course name), she/he will be able to contribute to the well being of our planet and its ecology.

As a hardworking individual, ___________( Applicant’s name) has always come out on top.She/He is fascinated with the smallest of wonders which show her/his strong character and is extremely easy to get along with.To sum it up, I believe that she/he is a deserving candidate for the ___________________(Scholarship program name).The money will be well spent.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information regarding ___________( Applicant’s name) suitability for the program.



_______________(Referer Name)


_______________(Company’s Name)

_______________(Address and contact info)


A doc format File of the Letter is also given for our users that can be downloaded from the link given below for free:

Scholarship Recommendation Letter from Employer(Download Link)

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