Recommendation Letter – Things to Know

“A Recommendation Letter  is a piece of writing, written in favor of someone by someone to someone.”

A letter of recommendation is a request by a person, holding some authority, written to a person who is also an authority in another field or area for someone who is in need of the favor.The recommendation letter is of various kind, it can be:

  • Employment Related
  • Service Related
  • A specific Program Related
  • Admission Related
  • Scholarship Related, etc.

A letter of recommendation is a way to tell that you are a potential employee for the company.Also, the letter of recommendation fills confidence in the candidate to perform better.

Letter of Recommendation

The content of the letter of recommendation should be showing your skills and points which help you in your new job.So, here are given some points which may help you in writing a good recommendation letter:

  • Responsibilities and tasks of the employee
  • The time period for which the employee had worked
  • The skills, knowledge, creativity and intelligence of the employee
  • Qualifications(foreign language, additional skills) of the employee
  • Social ability of the employee
  • Reason of the resignation/termination

A letter of recommendation builds your credibility in the company.Your work experience, accomplishment, and skills are something which is searched by an employer in the candidates.When the letter of recommendation is written in a good form, your employer comes to know that you are serious about the job.You can get this type of letter by telling your letter writer of the specific points you want to be highlighted in your letter.

When your employer reads about the appreciation that is made by your past employer, professor, or an authoritative person then a suitable environment is fixed for you in front of the employer.The positive points in your letter should be reflected in your personality and no exaggeration of the facts should be done in the letter of recommendation.Using positive words and phrases is a good idea.

Recommendation Letter Template

Many times it happens that the other applicants do not give any recommendation letter at all and that is where you have an upper hand.A letter of recommendation for the short term may not be very attractive but the presence of the letter will put you ahead of the pack.

Writing a recommendation letter is not an easy task.It shows the ability of the employee and also the reputation of the firm from which the employee is resigning, in the case of a job and company.In other cases like for scholarship, admission, inclusion in a team/committee, etc. the structure of the recommendation letter matters a lot.So, here is given some major points to keep in mind before writing one:

  • The starting of the letter should be done with a standard letter-writing convention
  • The referee should introduce himself(including qualifications of the referee) and how the referee know the candidate
  • Give reasons, that how the candidate will be a suitable option(with some practical examples)
  • The referee should testify
  • At the end, the closing should be formal and the signature of the referee.

So, must have a letter of recommendation while going for interview or request.You can write your own letter of recommendation as it gives you more control over the content.To get the format and structure you need to use some letter of recommendation templates from our site.Using templates will save your time and moreover save you from errors and mistakes.

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