Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from Employer PDF

From this page, you will get a Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from the Employer PDF template in downloadable, printable, and editable format.

To grab admission in a college for further studies, you may require a recommendation letter from the followings;

  • college professors,
  • previous teachers and mentors
  • employers

Universities usually ask for a letter from these three parties to assess the skills and performance of a candidate. Some universities may require only one letter, some may require all three-letters, but make sure to never submit more than required or asked.

Here we are covering recommendation letters for graduate school from employer, browse the important information here along with a sample letter and template in downloadable format.

As an employer, you may choose to turn down students seeking  Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School if you don’t any anything good to write or you are too busy, etc. Saying a No is better than writing a negative recommendation letter. If you decided to write down, then make sure to write a good one and help a candidate.


Sample Letter


[Full Name]


[School Name]


[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Mr./Ms. Last Name]:

I am writing this letter in support of {candidate’s name} desire to attend {university name} for the {program name}.{candidate’s name} is among those students who I feel are well suited for this program, this is why I decided to recommend him/ her. I highly recommend that he/she should be given the opportunity of admission in your esteemed University.

{candidate’s name}  was employed by {company’s name }as an {job position }from 20XX to 20XX. He/She was responsible for managing communication with clients, making brochures, and involved in the sales department.

Overall {candidate’s name} is highly intelligent and has good communication and analytics skills. On a personal level, he/ she is a well-disciplined, industrious student with a pleasant personality. {candidate’s name} continues to impress me with his/ her skills, knowledge, and dedication towards work. I am sure his talents will shine more through your graduate program. I am hoping that you will accept [his/her] admission to your university. For any additional information, please feel free to contact me at {email address} or {phone number}.


[Employer’s Name]

[Employer’s Title]



More Information

If you are graduating from school and want to further your academic career then you may need a recommendation letter from your professor, teacher, and employer. A recommendation letter will help you get admission into a college of your choice. Therefore, it’s important to have a good reference letter from your professor or employer. Generally, you can submit a recommendation letter along with your college application. Most of the colleges and universities prefer recommendation letters these days to assess the skills and performance of a candidate.

As an employer, if you have good relations with a candidate then make sure to write a letter of recommendation to boost the morale of your employee. In case, you don’t have enough time to write a letter then check out the sample letter templates available below. It’s better to take reference from a well-formatted sample letter to write an impactful Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School.

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School From Employer Template

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School, Recommendation Letter for Graduate School Employer


Now you have a Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from Employer to choose from so feel free to download any template from here.

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