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Recommendation Letters are one of those letters which play a very vital role in deciding a persons future. It is written for many occassions such as – In academics, In jobs, much more. In this article, we are going to discuss about Recommendation Letter for Grad School.

This kind of letter is written by a Teacher to the brilliant students and this makes them stand out of the crowd. The writer of these letters needs to understand that it should be drafted properly and according to the latest format. If your letter has errors and omissions, it may bring a bad impact on the mind of the reader.

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How should a Student ask for a Recommendation Letter:

If you are among those people who are thinking about how to ask your teacher for a recommendation letter, then read the following points.

  • Well, inform your teacher about your intention to take a recommendation letter.
  • Don’t force him and remind again and again in short intervals for the letter.
  • Convey him the date by which you need to Recommendation Letter.
  • Always remember to thank the professor for his help and guidance.

Tips for writing Recommendation Letter for Grad School:

  • Adhere to the proper format for writing the Recommendation Letter.
  • Include the skills and qualities of the student whom you are recommending.
  • If the student has worked on any project, you can mention it too. it will make him stand out of the crowd.
  • Recheck the letter from grammatical errors and omissions.
  • Use gentle and professional language in the letter. It will make you look professional.

Sample Letter for Recommendation Letter:

Alexa Mathews
765 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12344

September 20, 2019

James Dothraki
Chair, Department of Education
Saltus College
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Subject: Recommendation for T.A. Arnarold

Dear Dr. Dothraki

As per the request of Mr. T.A. Arnarold, I am writing this recommendation letter for him. I am pleased to know that He is taking admission in your College [College Name].

While Mr. Arnarold was in high school, I was his mentor who guided him in every situation. I have known Mr Arnarold for 5 years. He is a very dedicated person who takes the responsibilities very seriously. Apart from this, he is a fast learner and can adapt himself as per his sorroundings.

She is a very participating student. In her time with our school, she took part in many competitions and scored the 1st prize for the same. Mentoring such a brilliant student was one of the happiest moment of my life.

Finally, I would like to wish her luck and wish her all the very best for her future. i hope she will prove her worth there also. In case, you have any queries, you can contact me anytime at my contact details,


Alexa Mathews

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