Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher – Sample, Example

Recommendation Letter for Student: Many colleges & institutes ask for a recommendation letter from a school teacher as part of their admission process. The purpose of asking for this letter is to ensure that a student is eligible for their education program. A reference letter coming from a reputed source increase the chances of a student getting admission. The motive behind writing such recommendation letter is to mention skills, aptitude, achievements of the person being recommended.

This letter is usually written by a teacher or professor and is sent to the admissions officer to facilitate the introduction of a candidate. A college recommendation letter from a teacher let college authorities know whether a student is eligible for a specific college program or not.

If you are a teacher, then your letter will play a major role in helping student getting an admission. A recommendation letter for a student from a teacher is written to let college or institute know why a particular a student is a good candidate for a specific program of the college.

As a student, you must ask your teacher to write a proper Recommendation Letter For Student From Teacher, as this letter will help you in getting an admission in your preferred college/ institute.


Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher/ Professor

This reference letter showcase student’s skills, capabilities, qualities, and qualification. As a teacher, you must write a recommendation letter honestly as this letter is going to help a student in getting admission. Make sure to mention all the good qualities that a student have or focus more on things that are making a student fit or eligible for admission in particular college or institution.

Every teacher wants the best for their students and if any student has approached you to write a recommendation letter for him/ her then make sure to write a proper letter. There is a particular format that a teacher should take care of while writing this type of reference letter.

How to Write Recommendation Letter for Student

Follow the information shared below to know how to write a recommendation letter from a student from a teacher. A recommendation letter includes;

Body: The body of the letter is the main part where all the information is written. As a teacher, you must mention all the skills, qualities, qualification, capabilities, knowledge etc that a student have in this section. Explain about the projects or job that student was part of or mention how his/ her behavior was with other classmates.

Closing: Make sure to close the letter with some effective lines. A reader must feel the believe that you’re having in a student. Show your belief that a student is absolutely eligible for a particular course or program.

Leave your Contact Information: Make sure to share your contact information as well so that concerned college/ institute authorities can reach you, in case, if there is any other information required. You can mention your email address or contact number.

Use Proper Format: If you have written recommendation letter then you know what’s the format. If you’re writing it for the first time then it is recommended to check out the samples shared below to know the correct way of writing a recommendation letter.

Recommendation Letter for Student, Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher

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Sample of Letter of Recommendation for College


Recommendation Letter for Student, Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher

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Every teacher loves to help their students to get admission in top class colleges/ institutes. As a student, if you’re in a situation where one reference letter from a teacher can make admission happen, then reach out to your teacher and ask for a favor. A teacher would love to craft a reference letter. It is teacher’s responsibility to write an honest recommendation letter by writing how a student used to perform and behave during school days.

Final Words:

Now you know the importance of recommendation letter from a teacher or know how to write a recommendation letter for students. Use the information shared above to write a proper reference letter and help students in getting admission. Use the samples, templates, and examples as a reference to make your own recommendation letter. Make sure to follow the right format and writing tone.

Keep on checking this site for more useful recommendation letter samples, examples, and templates. Share these letters with other people as well on social media platforms.

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