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Letter of Recommendation Army: Army is usually used for Field Army of a nation or state, but it is also used collectively for all types of armed forces i.e. Air, Navy, and Land.The word army is derived from a Latin word “Arma” which means arms or weapons.Currently, the largest army is of the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force of China with a gigantic number of troops with 1.600,000 active troops then India lies on the second number in the list with 1,129,000 active troops.One of the earliest organized armies was the Spartan Army, boys at the age of 7 are sent to the barracks for training and are released at the age of 30.After 30 they are allowed to marry and have a family and to serve the army until the age of 60.The army has got several subdivisions which include:

  • Corps
  • Division
  • Brigade
  • Battalion, etc.

Below is given a format of the recommendation letter for Army.Also, the doc format of the file is also attached below if you want you can download it for free and customize it according to your own requirements.



PCRE-B                                                                                              (Date)26 November 1986

Subject: Letter of Recommendation Commander

5th Infantry Division & Fort Polk(Addressee Info)

ATTN: Adjutant General

Fort Polk, Louisiana 71459-5000

1. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the outstanding duty performance of Private Doreen Pierce, 369 70 0331.

2. Private Pierce was attached to my command after completion of AIT for a period of 106 days.During this time, she assisted my staff in the preparation and conduct of the CY86 Sergeant First Class/ ANC OC Selection Board.Her duties consisted of auditing documents received from the Army’s Personnel offices and filling these documents in the Individual Board Records.This board record was the actual file reviewed by the selection board members and thus represented the NCO.All selection.non-selection decisions made by the board members were based on the information in these board records.The selection board could not have completed its mission in a timely manner if it were not for the untiring efforts and dedicated service of Private Pierce.

3. Private Pierce was presented with a Department of the Army Certificate of Achievement in recognition of her duty performance.She also participated in EREC’s training which consisted of formations, inspections, and physical training.Her personal appearance was inspected daily.

4. Private Pierce has demonstrated through outstanding duty performance that she clearly warrants special consideration for assignment to a responsible and challenging job.


Thomas F Sikora(Name)

Colonel, AG(Title)


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