Sample Letter of Recommendation for High School Student

A letter of recommendation is an important document which is required for many positions, programs, or grants. Here we are specifically talking about sample letters of recommendation for high school students. A recommendation letter is often required by a high school student as a referral for his next proceeding i.e. admission to a college, to apply for a job, etc. A recommendation letter for a high school student is written by a teacher, mentor, professor, etc to give more information about a student in a positive way so that he/ she could be accepted for whatever he/ she is applying for.

As a teacher, mentor, professor if you have decided to write a recommendation letter for high school students then here are a few things which must be included in a letter. It’s always good to seek references or take assistance from professionally designed letter templates in order to ease your work.

What to Include in the Reference

  • How you know the individual
  • How long you have known the person
  • What the student has accomplished
  • Why you are recommending them
  • How to contact you for follow-up questions

You must mention how you know the student, mention the reason for recommending them, and talk about the qualities or skills of a student which will help him to succeed at college or at work.

A body of the letter should emphasize the qualities of the student. Always close a letter by mentioning that you recommend the student and ready to provide any additional information, if necessary.

 Always try to write a strong reference letter that would help a student. If you are not sure about writing or have bad relations with a student, then simply say NO or pass on to another teacher. Refrain yourself from writing a bad recommendation letter.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for High School Student

Dear Mr. White,

This letter is to recommend Smith Samson for the position of receptionist at your Los Angeles Digital Marketing training program. Smith has worked as a trainee for the past three months. He is a quick learner, hard worker, punctual, and cheerful. I have been impressed with his dedication to work. Always ready to learn and work. He manages customers very well even in hectic situations. He gets along with team members quickly.

Smith is a bright person, and I believe he will perform great at whatever he will do. I can enthusiastically recommend him for the position that you have open.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I can be reached at {email address} or {phone number}


Gary Johnson

Recommendation Letter for High School Student Template

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


High school name
City, State Zip Code

Dear Sir/ Madam,

XYZ has always been a great student with good academics and sports performance. I have had the privilege to be his tutor for three years in high school. I would love to recommend him for the position he has applied for in your organization. He has finished his high school education with good academic records.

He is a self-motivated person who is dedicated to his work. Even after a lot of financial struggles, he managed to finish his high school studies with sheer dedication and commitment.

He is a good speaker as well as a good listener. He responds to instructions very well. I am sure he will not disappoint you once he is part of your organization.

I believe he will be a great fit for the position. I would highly recommend him. If you need any additional information about him, please feel free to contact me at {email address} or {phone number}.

Thank you
Yours sincerely

More Information

A high school student needs a letter of recommendation for many instances such as;

  • a student is applying for admission in college
  • to apply for a job vacancy
  • to join a training program
  • to get a transfer from one institution to another

A recommendation letter helps the student to build a stronger profile. There, as a teacher or mentor, you should always aim to write an impactful letter of reference in order to help a student achieve what he/ she wants to achieve.

Refer to the sample letters and templates available here. You can make changes in a letter template after downloading it. Help a student in getting admission or a job.

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