Letter of Recommendation for College Admission (Teacher, Employer)

Letter of Recommendation for College Admission: A letter of recommendation or reference letter is required for admission to college. Many colleges have made this mandatory to have one or two letters of recommendation from a high school teacher or employer. These letters are considered while making a decision for admission. Colleges admission offices look for particular information such as qualifications, achievements, and other skills of a candidate or applicant which further help in determining whether a candidate is eligible for admission or not.

As a teacher or employer, if you are agreeing to write a letter then make sure to write a positive recommendation. If you are not comfortable in writing due to any reason then it’s better to turn down the request or you might consider pointing students towards a teacher who might be interested in writing.

Things to Include in a College Recommendation Letter

Here are a few things which must be included in a letter. As a teacher or mentor or employer, you should include the following information to make an impactful letter of recommendation for college admission.

Collect School Information: Ask the student for some information on the school where he/ she is applying. it’s important to understand the background of a school a little bit to understand what type of skill set they want their students to have. Write down your letter keeping the demand for school inro consideration.

Collect Student Information: Ask the student for his/ her resume to get a clear and correct idea about his/ her qualifications, skills, etc. If possible then meet a student first to get a better sense of their interest.

Mention Positive Things: Make sure to be positive throughout the letter. Mention the skills and abilities of a student. State, why you think this student, is a strong candidate for admission. You are writing this letter to help a student stand out so make sure to highlight strengths here.

Mention how you know Student: Make sure to mention how you know the student and for how long you’ve known them.

Share your contact information: Provide your contact information, in the end, to leave room for any additional information or queries. Include your phone number or email address at the end of the letter.

Sample Recommendation Letter for College Admission from Teacher

Johny Mjalak
1234 Vine St
Anytown, Los Angeles 12345

June 15, 2019

XYZ College Admission’s Board
1234 Mall Road
Everywhere, CA 78900

DearXYZ College Admission’s Board:

My name is Johny Mjalak. I have served as an Economics teacher at Model Town High School for the past ten years and have mentored Amanda for the past three years. Considering the academic records and skills of Amanda, I feel she would be an excellent addition to your school as well.

She has always been academically strong. Apart from that she actively takes part in extra curriculum activities. She has been the captain of the academic team for the past two years. Her leadership and team spirit qualities have been always appreciated by the institute.

I strongly believe Amanda would bring so much to your school, both in academics and other important activities. For any additional information regarding Amanda, please feel free to contact me at {email address} or {phone number}.


Johny Mjalak
Science Department Head
Model Town High School

Download Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

Letter of Recommendation for College Admission from College Professor

Letter of Recommendation for College Admission from College Professor

Download College Recommendation Letter From Professor

Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

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