Kindergarten Recommendation Letter from Teacher – Template Format

Kindergarten Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter from a teacher is impactful when it’s required to apply for an admission. Every school/ college look for disciplined & bright students and that’s why they prefer reference letters in order to know whether a student is capable for the admission or not. Apart from great academic record, there a lot of other things which are considered by authorities before offering admission such as behaviour of a student, hard working trait, discipline, punctuality, good team player or not, sports background etc.

Below you can find a sample Kindergarten Recommendation Letter available for download in editable .doc format, use MS word to open the document. As a teacher, if someone has asked you to write a referecne letter for their kid then here is a sample to take assistance from.

Following the right format and picking the right words is important when it comes to write any type of recommendation letter. Have a look at the sample letter below, use it if you’re about to write a kindergarten reference letter.

Download Kindergarten Recommendation Letter from Teacher Template

Below you can see a sample letter.

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to write in support of _____________ for admission into your school’s kindergarten class. I believe he/she is ready for admission physically, socially, mentally, and academically.

I’ve known _______________ for two years now. He/ she was a student in my preschool class. He/ she is a bright student with an enthusiasm to learn new things. I would like to highlight that he/ she is a quick learner.

_____________ is a happy go lucky child, love outing with friends. He/ she has a very pleasant personality and polite nature. He/ she has always followed the class rules.

I believe that  ___________ will be a great addition to your school’s kindergarten class. She knows all the alphabetical letter & can count up to 100 and his/ her natural learning ability will surely grab your attention.

Please consider him/ her for admission into your school’s Kindergarten class. For any information or queries, please contact me at  ___________



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Kindergarten Recommendation Letter (.doc Word format)

Download Kindergarten Recommendation Letter (.jpg format)


Use the sample letter of Kindergarten Recommendation Letter as a reference to prepare a recommendation letter. Use the links to download a letter in .doc Word format. Open in MS Word, then make changes as per your need or requirement. A properly written reference letter can increase your chances of admission, so write one carefully (learn here how to write a recommendation letter)

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