Child Custody Letter of Recommendation Sample from Professional

Child Custody Letter of Recommendation: A child custody reference letter is required when one parent wants to get custody of his/her child. A reference letter from a trusted person is considered whenever there is a case of child custody. A reference letter for child custody is written by some other person on behalf of the individual. The writer could be a relative, friend, or family member who knows the individual and his/ her child very well. After the divorce, it happens very often when parents legally fight to take over the custody of their child. Many things are taken into consideration before offering child custody. A reference letter from a known person is one of those things which is a must. An impactful Child Custody Recommendation Letter can turn the things around in an individual’s favor.

As an individual who is seeking child custody, you should approach the correct person who can write on your behalf. As a writer, it’s your responsibility to write a proper custody reference letter to help an individual make his case stronger for getting child custody.

Here are a few of the writing tips which will help you.

  • Mention your relation with the parent seeking custody.
  • It’s better to take some legal advice from the lawyer.
  • Keep your letter formal and make sure to keep it short and informative.
  • Refrain from writing bad about the other parent. You should focus on highlighting the good relationship between the child and the parent you’re supporting.

Apart from these, have a look at the sample Child Custody Letter of Recommendation shared below to see how an actual letter looks like.

Download Child Custody Reference Letter Template Sample






Date: _____






Subject:  Reference letter for child custody

Dear ____ (Sir or Madam),

I am writing this letter in support of {name of the guardian} seeking custody of his/ her one and only (son/ daughter) {mention the name of the son/ daughter}. I know {name of the guardian} for over {metion years/ months} now, and I am his/ her {your relation with the guardian}.

He/ she is a very nice person and I have seen his/ her bond with {name of the son/ daughter}. They both love each other company a lot and they make an absolutely adorable family. I am a regular visitor of (his/her) house, and I also know (his/her) (son/daughter) very well, and I have never found them unhappy. I know a lot of people think that {he/she} is not giving proper time to (his/her) (son/daughter) because of the hectic work schedule. However, I don’t think so.

I’ve always seen him/ her sending quality time with  (his/her) (son/daughter) every single day. I strongly believe that (name of the son/daughter) is in the good hands of my friend (he/she) can promise a smooth future for (his/her) (son/daughter).

I Hope you would pay attention to my reference letter and would consider (name of the guardian) as the perfect guardian of the child. I hope (name of the guardian) would get the custody of the child.

Thanking You

Yours truly,

Name and Signature

Download Links

Child custody reference letter in .doc word format

Child custody reference letter in the .jpg format


Seek reference from the above-provided child custody recommendation letter to know how to write a custody reference letter. Use the links to download a sample letter in editable .doc format. Make sure to follow the correct format & layout in order to write an impactful reference letter. Keep checking this site for more.

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