Co-Worker Recommendation Letter- Sample, Example

Co-Worker Recommendation Letter: A reference/recommendation letter is a letter written by someone, who knows you professionally, for your next job.The person who is writing a recommendation letter should be from the same field in which you are applying for the job.This will be very beneficial for you, as a letter from your neighbor and relative will not do good unless you have worked for them.

Try that a recommendation letter may be from a co-worker, former supervisor, clients, teachers or an organization for which you have volunteered.Try not to use anyone from family, friends, fiance, a famous person you do not know or a person who does not know about you professionally as a reference.

Below is a Format of reference letter which might help you in writing a recommendation letter.


To Whom It May Concern:

I strongly recommend my colleague, _________________, for employment. I have had the pleasure of working alongside him for ____ years in the ___________ department, where he has been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility.

I have had the opportunity to observe _____________’s professional skills as well as interpersonal style. He is consistently pleasant and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. I wish that all my co-workers had his attitude.

Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, _____________ always delivers. His superior organizational skills make him the consummate multi-tasker.

While I will surely miss seeing _____________ around the office, he has earned the opportunity to further his career at your firm.



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While writing a recommendation letter must remember to mention the reference relationship, company name, company address, Reference Contact Number and reference E-mail.

Inform your reference before giving his name in the recommendation letter.As he will be ready to take any call from your side and will also have an eye on openings for you.

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