Baby Sitting Reference Letter- Sample, Example

Babysitting Recommendation Letter: Babysitting is a profession in which a babysitter, usually an adult, take temporary care of a child.Babysitting is a paid profession and that’s why young teenagers are very much interested in this temporary job to earn some pocket-money.The profession of babysitting started in the 1920s and became popular among the teenagers in the 1950s and 60s, the time when the number of small children was in large number in America.

The term “babysitter” first used in 1937 and its another form that is “babysit” was first recorded in 1947.It’s also a fine example of back-formation.Although different language has a different meaning for the word.But, the most famous is what we know.

So, below is given an example of how to write a recommendation letter for a babysitter and also a doc format is given for the same.Use the format to write a better recommendation letter and save your time.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend ______________ as a babysitter. She watched my three children (ages 3, 5, and 8) three times a week over the summer and it was a joy to have her.

_______________ always came to our home on time, cheerful and ready to engage the children with creative art, dramatic play, and other enriching activities. She is intelligent, kind and a great listener. My kids love ___________ and look forward to spending time with her. That said, she always followed our directions in regard to the children (bedtimes, food, etc.) and they respect her as an authority figure. We still engage her services about two evenings per month.

Besides a natural affinity toward child care, __________ holds a babysitting course certificate from the Y and is CPR certified.

By hiring ____________, you can be assured that you won’t get a teenager who lounges around watching TV while your kids fend for themselves. ___________ is fun, and any family that hires her has very fortunate children indeed.

Download Babysitter Reference Letter Doc Format

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