Academic Recommendation Letter best Sample

Introduction to Academic Recommendation Letter:

Academic Recommendations may be requested as part of an employment application. And Academic recommendation letter can be very powerful when applying for a job or internship where the job correlates to the academic experience of the applicant. And It is a letter of recommendation is one to two-page letter that highlights a student ‘s academic history, character, and carrier goals. You can conjointly raise letters of recommendation of advice before you graduate.

If you are one of those people who are looking for the best format of writing Academic Recommendation Letter, then this article is for you. I hope your doubts on the topic will clear after you read the article.

Tips and Guidelines for writing a Recommendation letter:

  • Describe all the skills and knowledge of the student.
  • Introduce the student in the first paragraph briefly.
  • Try to write more about the character of the student and less about his /her achievements.

Sample for writing Academic Recommendation Letter

[Your Name]

Department Chair of Biology

[Name of the School]

[Address of the school]

[Contact Number]


19th September 2019

[Recipient’s Name]

Director of Admissions

Harvard University

7800 Old Willow Way

Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Dear Ms. [Recipient’s Name],

I am pleased to recommend to [candidates name] for the admission of the Teacher Education program to your __________University. {candidate name ] has been a student of our college for 3 years and was one of the best students we had in the whole batch. She takes active participation in recreational programs and is academically sound.

She is extremely conscientious about her work and you won’t find such a dedicated worker like her anywhere. Her detail attention to work, fast learning skill and her ability to integrate information made intelligent and insightful contributions to the class discussion. She is great at initiating and organizing the classes also.

I am sure that [Candidate’s Name] is perfectly suited for your organization and she would earn her place there by her work.. If there any questions or concerns regarding this matter, kindly contact me by phone at [Mention Number] or email at [E-mail]. I am happy to assist you with your queries regarding [Candidate’s Name].

[Your Name]

Department Chair of Biology



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