Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager


A recommendation letter is sometimes also referred to as “Reference Letter”. This letter is written when an employee leaves the organization to join another Organization. The purpose of writing this letter is to support the Employee in joining the other Organization.

In this letter, I am writing an article about “Recommendation Letter for Employee From Manager”. You are requested to read the whole article carefully if you want to grab the full Information.

Why do Employers write Recommendation Letters to their Employees:

When a person joins a job, the reference from the old employer plays a very vital part. It helps the HR to understand what kind of employee the candidate will be and whether they will fit in with the corporate culture at their firm.

Whenever a capable and talented individual joins the firm also serves to strengthen your network relationships. If you want that the employer to issue you a recommendation letter in the future, you should keep a good relation with him.

Key points to remember while writing Recommendation Letter:

  • Clearly mention the person for whom you are writing the Recommendation Letter.
  • Strictly follow the desired format.
  • Review your letter for errors and omissions.
  • Wrap up the letter with a kind note to the recipient.

Things to Include in a Recommendation Letter to Employee from Employer:

  • Dates of employment for which the employee worked in the old organization.
  • The position held in the organization.
  • The name of the Company.
  • Job responsibilities at the old company.
  • Qualifications of the candidate for whom recommendation letter is written.
  • Strengths and abilities
  • Contact Information of the candidate

Sample 1:


[Reciever’s Name]

[Organization’s Name]


9th August 2019

Dear sir,

I am delighted to recommend Mr. [Employee’s Name] for the post of [post name] in [Recipient’s Organization name].

Mr. [employee’s name] has been an employee to our organization for 5 years. Here he was designated as [Post Name]. He is a hard working and a dedicated Employee. Apart from this, He’s also been nominated 10 times for the Employee of the Month.

During his work here at [Your Organization Name], He developed some skills that I think will be benificial for his future career. He’s a very good administrator and can be delegated with responsibilities.

It’s not easy for me to say goodbye to him but due to some personal reasons, I am closing my Business. I hope he will prove his worth there. If you have any queries about him, Just drop me note and I will be here to help.


[Your Name]

Sample 2:

Subject: Candidate’s Name Reference for the New job.

Dear Mr. [Recipient’s Name],

I was pleased to hear that [candidate name] has applied for the position of a sales manager with XYZ Enterprises. He is a dynamic individual and has served my company [Company Name] for a period of 4 years. He is like an individual everyone wants in their sales force.

[Candidate Name] is a motivated leader and has led a group of large no of individuals. He is the kind of person you can rely on in times of need. Its not easy for me to let such a precious diamond go but due to some pesonal reasons, I am left with no other option but to recommend him to some other organization.

If you have any questions or would like any other information, please contact me. I am happy to assist you and clear your further doubts about [candidate name].


[Your Name]
Sales Director
CNE Inc.


I hope the concept of Recommendation Letter to Employee from Employer is clear to you. You can download the above sample by clicking on the download button. The sample is fully customizable and can be used as per your need.

If possible, please share it with your other friends so that they can also understand the concept. We welcome any kind of suggestion from you which can help us in improving our articles.

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